Neuflex™ Commercial Boothing
& Furniture Manufacturing

Neuflex™ Boothing and Furniture is manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta… proudly Canadian made!

  • Hospitality: Restaurants, Hotels, Convention Centers, Travel Centers
  • Commercial: Theaters, Stadiums, Coliseums, Workforce Housing, Offices, Churches

Enjoy Neuflex™ for flexibility!

  • CAD Design & Consulting
    Professional Consultation enhanced by Computerized Automated Design
  • Largest Boothing Manufacturer in Western Canada
    25,000 sq ft house a skilled upholstery team assisted by technology
  • Pick up & Delivery service in Edmonton area
    Projects large or small we deliver it all.
  • Canada and USA installation available

Confidence Built-in

Our aim is to smoothly transition you through the process, from our first hello to our final follow up calls. You need to feel confident that you are making the right choices, the price is right and that you are happy with the end product. For that we work really hard to earn your confidence so that you see it becomes built into everything we do, therefore, Confidence Built-in.

Booth & Furniture Design and Layout

  • Unique Environment
    We develop your concept with our experience and creativity to create a unique environment that will keep your customers coming back.
  • Site Visits
    We perform site visits to gain a better understanding of the space in which we are to create your ideal atmosphere.
  • Design Process
    We carefully guide you through the design process of your custom layout and product to the selection of materials that will best suit your application.

Custom Boothing

  • Space Requirements
    Custom made allows for greater flexibility. We can design and produce virtually any booth style to fit your specifications and space requirements.
  • Selections
    The choice is yours… leathers, fabrics, vinyl or any combination. Boothing curved, straight, horseshoe, finished back or not… there’s so much to consider.

Universal Boothing

  • Made-to-Order Booths of Standard Sizing
    We help you with the lay out, then offer a range of fabrics and vinyl appropriate to the pattern style you choose.
  • Installation
    They are designed to make it easy for you to install or if you wish we can do it for you.

Wooden Chair & Table Manufacturing

  • Chairs and Tables Manufactured to Compliment Your Boothing
    High seating, dining chairs, bar stools; tables square, rectangular, round; large or small; choose from a wide range of styles all made from soft and hard woods.

Entry Seating & Patio Furniture

  • Yours can be truly unique!
    Talk with our designer to develop your distinctive welcoming seating. Patio furniture when done right can be as refreshing as the air outside. Make it as comfortable and attractive as your indoors by designing around a table or fireplace. Use boothing outside. Use outdoor products that are now with durability, patterns and colors galore. Make life easy and protect your investment with removable cushions or patio furniture covers. Chairs can be mobile; booths can be mobile, so reconfigure your space. Enjoy the possibilities.