Equipment & Facility

Apex Upholstery is the largest upholstery company in Edmonton both in volume of orders and in physical size.  Our plant is 25,000 square feet, filled with good people making products for you. Our 100% commitment to quality, accuracy, repeatability, and reliable service is obvious when you consider our collection of automated equipment.

With our three main computer-controlled machines, we can cut wood, fabric and vinyl to within thousandths of an inch of specification, for straight, curved, and odd-shaped parts. These parts are exactly repeatable, so that all of the parts in a particular job are exactly the same, or the replacement parts for a re-covery job months down the road, or even identical parts for many locations of a chain restaurant across the country.

The CNC Router cuts plywood, solid wood, laminates, veneers, etc., into the structural elements for our booths (primarily the curved and triangular parts), all to exact tolerances. We can export Autocad drawings directly to the CNC, so if you can draw it, we can cut it! (within reason, of course). The CNC can even be configured for solid wood 3D carvings, on a limited scale. More like 2 1/2D, these are relief carvings, with details up to 3/4″ inset or outstanding from the solid surface, and are perfect for things like centrepiece medallions in mouldings, the central carving on a headboard of a bed, rosettes in door and window frames, just to name a few examples. Our CNC router is also available for hire, so if you have a particularly intricate reception desk or decorative panels to cut, we can do the work for you.

For cutting the rectangular parts of our boothing systems, we use a computer-controlled beam saw. It can cut up to 5 layers of 3/4″ plywood at a time. In conjunction with this, we use a software program to optimize the layout of parts, minimizing waste and cutting time. Considering that some of our jobs involve cutting up to 100 sheets of plywood, figuring out the best way to cut all those parts in seconds sure saves the operator a lot of thinking and planning time! The saw is as accurate as the CNC, to within a few thoundths of an inch, so that parts that are intended to fit together really do fit together, for a strong, consistent, accurate, repeatable product.

As for wood on the CNC router, we also have a fabric cutter for fabrics, vinyl, leather, etc. These materials can be cut into lines, diamonds, semicircles, cut half a depth, or stack cut. The results are the same for each piece. For example, when upholstering a restaurant’s backrests for all of the booths, where there are button pulls in a diamond pattern, each backrest is made up of 40 or so individual diamond-shaped fabric pieces. Cutting all the diamonds for all the backrests would be quite a daunting task to be done by hand with scissors, but doing it on the Fabric cutter makes it just another routine job.

Parts produced with these three machines form the solid foundation upon which the remainder of the product is then constructed by hand.

All of the technical specifications for each job are saved in our data system, so that we have a history of your job on file should it come time for warranty work, re-covery, renovation, or expansion. All of your specifications and choices are saved, so that we can access all the same fabrics, sizes, shapes, and special requests as you made in your previous dealings with us.

Project management is computerized as well, from the original fabric estimates and work orders and purchase orders to suppliers, through to the generation of shop drawings, cutting lists and project check-off sheets. Your project will be well kept track of!

Our specialized team combines their experience with this technology, to ensure our status on the cutting edge of the industry.


This is investing in our future; this is our best for the best product.