About Apex Upholstery

Our Mission

Our greatest desire is to know your needs, to communicate and to make your life easier by being a part of the solution.

When you place your trust in us, our mandate is not just to build your product well and on time. It is also to ensure your comfort through the entire process. As professionals, we want you to be involved – to hold us accountable and to help us make this a rewarding and pleasant experience for you.

Our Promise

  • Our aim is to provide products and services with premium customer care, quality materials and professional workmanship for a fair price.
  • We depend on our quality products and our name to be our legacy. We want you to speak well of us for years to come.

Consistent and Dependable Service is our promise to you.


  • It all began in 1946 as a small, family-owned operation known as Apex Motors, later renamed Apex Auto Upholstering.  In 1976, the John and Monica purchased Central Seat Cover, which grew and provided an extensive selection of upholstery products.  Ten years later, in 1986, they acquired their competition Apex Auto Upholstering and the two companies were consolidated into Apex Group Inc.
  • Continually aware of trends and changes to the market and the industries they serve, the now Apex Upholstery routinely refocuses to meet the needs of their customers.
  • Apex Upholstery maintains the custom upholstery division that represents Apex’s roots; that upon which their reputation was built.
  • Apex Upholstery has earned esteemed status for its Neuflex™ products by manufacturing custom quality boothing and furniture.